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This Association is purely agricultural founded in September 2016, it is currently made up of 27 active members and 80 passive members, their family nuclei are led by 80% with ages between 27 and 86 years and 20% women with ages between 34 and 60 years, its culture lies between camaraderie, the good charisma that harmonizes strength in the performance of agriculture.

The agricultural activities are export of green banana, baby banana (orito), red banana, banana, ginger, yucca, Premium quality chocolate, made with fine and aroma cocoa; being our area the main producer of the banana orito (Musa acuminata AA) where the plantations have an organic management and as a result organic-wild products are obtained.


Chocolate Fair

The best chocolate in the world is no longer produced in Europe or other parts of the world. Ecuador has climbed steps in the industry, with its desired "COCOA FINO DE AROMA". Asoproaval has a presence in ...

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